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The Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood

The philosophy behind the curriculum we use is that young children learn best by doing. Learning isn't just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in. 

In their early years, children explore the world around them by using all their senses (touching, tasting, listening, smelling, and looking). In using real materials such as blocks and trying out their ideas, children learn about sizes, shapes, and colors, and they notice relationships between things. 

In time, they learn to use one object to stand for another. This is the beginning of symbolic thinking. For example, they might pretend a stick is an airplane or a block is a hamburger. These early symbols - the stick and the block - are similar in shape to the objects they represent. Gradually children become more and more able to use abstract symbols like words to describe their thoughts and feelings. They learn to "read" pictures which are symbols of real people, places and things. This exciting development in symbolic thinking takes place during the pre-school years as children play. 


Play provides the foundation for academic or "school" learning. It is the preparation children need before they learn highly abstract symbols such as letters (which are symbols for sounds) and numbers (which are symbols for number concepts). Play enables us to achieve the key goals of our early childhood curriculum. Play is the work of young children. 


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We provide care for:

+ Ages 2 years old to 5 years old

+ After School Care (ages 5 to 12 years old)
+ Non-School Days (ages 5 to 12 years old)
+ Summer Camp (ages 4 to 12 years old)


Two's and Three's 

Two year olds and Three year olds  are very curious about the world and  about them. Our experienced teachers provide many outlets for creative expression. Your child will flourish in an environment with bright classrooms and large playgrounds create the backdrop for a learning environment where preschoolers engage in age-appropriate activities related to monthly themes. Learning Centers for math, imaginary play, music, art,  filled with child-initiated activities that balance play and discovery with teacher direction and instruction. Early preschoolers are guided in making an important transition from individual play to group play. Children are introduced to writing and reading, giving them love for a wonderful literacy base. 



Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) is a FREE program for each four-year-old born on or before September 1st of the current school year, who resides in Florida to attend a quality preschool program. VPK gives children a head start by prepping them for school and boosting their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills. Little Beginnings  Academy students are strengthened at an early age with the skills needed to become strong readers who are more likely to be successful in school. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten classrooms offer high-quality programs that include high literacy standards, developmentally appropriate curricula, manageable class sizes, and knowledgeable teachers. 

Click here for more information on the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County VPK Program and to Register Online!



Daily After School Care

Little Beginnings Academy aftercare program provides the perfect combination of recreation, education, and fun for a well balanced experience. Our staff help children with their homework relieving some of the stress from parents at home and 30 min of reading time.  

+ Opportunities for your child to work on their homework.

+ Computers time and music
+ A large outdoor play space that could include a climbing structure
+ Time to socialize with friends.

+ Time to play board games and computer access
+ Transportation from local schools 


Currently Transporting from:
+ South Olive Elementary
+ Palmetto Elementary


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